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Looking for a babysitter but struggling to find one? Babysits makes it easy!  Search for babysitters or babysitting jobs, get in contact, and plan an…
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Bellyful Nelson

Bellyful provides free meals to families with new babies or children struggling with illness. Families can refer themselves through our website.
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Chandrakirti Meditation Center

Sunday Meditation Class is our most popular event followed by free vegetarian lunch  10 am to 11.30 am with Geshe Tharchin. Other events include -regular…
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Feldenkrais is a method that works with the nervous system through movement. It helps to prevent falls and enables an active lifestyle as you get…
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Chinmaya Mission Nelson

Drawing on traditional wisdom and teachings that have endured across millennia, Chinmaya Mission offers Vedanta classes, study groups, public talks & seminars, workshops, retreats, camps…
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Nelson FASD Support Group

The FASD Support Group holds monthly coffee mornings for parents/caregivers for the purpose of self-care for those looking after persons with diagnosed or suspected FASD. …
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