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Trafalgar Park is Nelson’s premier open-air stadium for competitive sport and large scale events.  It is home to the Tasman Mako rugby team and the Bay Dreams South festival and hosts a broad range of events.  Everything from live opera and performances from icons such as Bryan Adams has taken place here, as well as events such as Nitro Circus, Relay for Life, and All Blacks matches.

Trafalgar Park has been Nelson’s place to play sport since early 1880, but it wasn’t until 1950 that the current ground began to be developed with the help of the Rugby Union.  The ground also includes the Trafalgar Park Pavilion, which provides changing rooms, clubrooms and a VIP area overlooking the playing field.  The Pavilion is also a popular venue in its own right for training courses, meetings and celebrations.

Where is Trafalgar Park?  Just a 5-minute stroll to the vibrant city centre and a 20 minute ocean-side drive from the airport.  Trafalgar Park sits on the east bank of the Maitai River, opposite Nelson’s largest indoor events arena, the Trafalgar Centre.

Capacities – Concert 24,770 / Permanent Seating 8,000


  • VOC/Park view mezzanine
  • Rooftop TV camera platforms: 3 
  • Office spaces: 2
  • Catering kitchen  
  • Large bar with lines and taps 
  • Walk-in chiller 


  • Female: 3 toilets 
  • Male: 1 toilet, 3 urinals 
  • Universal access: 1 toilet  

Trafalgar Park team spaces:

  • Team changing rooms: 4 
  • Showers: 26 
  • Toilets: 8 (2 universal access) 

Referee’s room:

  • Showers: 2 
  • Toilets: 1 
  • First aid room 
  • Universal access toilet:  1 
  • Access tunnel onto pitch: 1 

Ground Features:

  • Fully fenced  
  • Floodlighting. Broadcast standard. Minimal spill 
  • Turf. Recycled glass sand carpet. Renewed 2018 
  • Ticket gates: 
  • Ticket booths: 8

Spectator bathrooms:

  • Toilet blocks: 2 
  • Female: 18 toilets (3 universal access) 
  • Male: 12 urinals – 7 toilets (3 universal access) 

If you would like to place a booking or enquire about availability, please contact our Venue Manager at:

  • email [email protected]
  • phone (03) 539 1301
  • or you can fill out the Booking Enquiry Form on the website


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