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The Tasman Dippers are a casual collection of people who enjoy connecting with the open water.  More people are recognising and enjoying the simple pleasures and benefits of swimming, or simply bobbing around (dipping, bathing) in the open water.

The invigoration and well-being felt by being in the sea, lake or river is no secret. In recent years, around the world, people have started to dip or swim long after the heat of summer has passed.  For many, the real benefits only start to be felt when the water temperatures drop.  We may know or know of people who get into open water all year round.  They may even be daily swimmers or dippers, who swear by their routine.

The overall sense of well-being after a dip in cool or cold water is hard to describe to anyone who has never tried it.  You can read many, many articles about the benefits.  Reading will maybe inspire you to try it, we hope it does.

It cannot do justice to how you will really feel – you just need to do it.

If you would like to dip throughout the year in the Tasman area, then why not come along to one of our designated times.  These are not organized swims etc. just a time and place when you will find the company of others to enjoy a dip in the sea.  Some may want to swim; others just dip and chat.  The length of time we stay in the water won’t be long and as the sea temperatures drop, the time will get shorter.

The dips go ahead regardless of the weather and if the sea state is rough, we stay close to shore.  The idea is to get into the water and that is the only aim, so if mother nature creates a severe storm on a meet time, we don’t go in.  Respecting open water conditions is the first step to enjoying what it offers.  It’s also a matter of personal choice what you want to wear in the water.  Wetsuits, swimsuits, booties, hats – whatever you prefer.

Bring a thermos with a hot drink and after quickly drying off and a change into warm clothes, enjoy that après dip feeling before going back into your day.  Before you leave, if you see a piece of litter or even a little bit of plastic on the beach, please put it in the bin.  We can enjoy this environment for free and leave it a bit better than how we found it.

All dips are free of charge!


Rabbit Island
Beach Access Number 4

Open Hours

Schedule of Designated Dips:
Thursdays 8.30am all year

Rabbit Island

Rabbit Island, Tasman, New Zealand

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