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Meets regularly to support survivors of Polio who many are now suffering from the Late Effects of Polio (LEoP) and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) and provides:

  • details on how to get access to assessments and/or orthotics if required.
  • details to be able to have access to the latest research information on LEoP and PPS.
  • the opportunity to attend an annual retreat for Polio Survivors.

Please contact us to find out more details.

As we age, common symptoms may be experienced by people who have had polio at an early age.  The symptoms include fatigue, muscle weakness and muscle and joint pain, shortening of tendons in polio-affected limbs, difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing, and psychological stress.  These symptoms can be quite debilitating and may compromise health and independence.

People tend to notice these changes from 20 to 45 years after recovering from polio.

Although New Zealand is now polio free, with no cases of wild polio infection since 1970, the late effects of polio continue to affect thousands of New Zealanders.  Those who are affected require a management regime to deal with the effects of the symptoms.


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PO Box 50


(03) 522 4984 - Brian Robinson

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(03) 547 7043 - Rex Wastney

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