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This is an exciting time for cyclists in Nelson:  There are lots of council cycle project initiatives underway, plus the amazing work on recreational tracks by the Cycle Trust on the Great Taste Trail, and other track development by groups such as the Mountain Bike Club.  All this is increasing the number of cyclists in Nelson and we may be close to a tipping point.

So what part is BNB playing in all this?

  • BNB is part of Tasman and Nelson Councils Road Safe Nelson Bays Working Group.  Representatives from Nelson and Tasman Councils, the Police, the AA, District Heath Board, ACC and others meet monthly to look at road use, and BNB actively advocates for cyclists and advises on ways in which cycling infrastructure can be improved in Nelson and Tasman.
  • Routine involvement in things like regular Active Transport Forums where various agencies get together to look at how we can make the area better for walking and cycling.  Plus things like submissions on Council and other plans and proposals that affect cycling around our region, and responding to media inquiries and reports that involve cycling issues.

How can you be part of all this?

  • Join BNB, or let us know you want to keep supporting it.
  • Come along to the occasional BNB meeting (or come regularly!).  It’s a good way to keep up with what’s happening for cycling and be part of the advocacy.
  • Give us a hand with something you might be interested in.  This doesn’t need to mean a big time commitment, or long, drawn-out involvement.  It might just mean letting us know about the problem areas, examples of good design for cycling, or why you use a certain route – and why some routes are critical for our local cyclists.  Or maybe you have expertise in road/path/cycleway design standards, or marketing, finance, design, and media work.  Being available for an hour or two sometime to monitor user behavior on roads and paths, particularly at peak times, would be another area we’d love help with.

To be part become part of Bicycle Nelson Bays just register for our mailing list on our website.


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3 Haven Road


(021) 623 207


John-Paul Pochin
Committee Member
[email protected]
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