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The Top of the South VMX Club is all about fun and family and bikes and our aims are:

  • getting older motorcycles back out on track
  • whoever rides them
  • having fun out of doors as a family
  • providing good, clean, competitive racedays

Our tracks range from flat through Mini TT style and we usually have a separate track for the Mini bike riders (where parents supervise)

Our VMX (Vintage Moto-X)  racing isn’t just for the Master Class riders, as with the kids out on 50 and 80cc bikes of the era, classic racing caters for the whole family

Club VMX events generally alternate Race days with Family days and we try to have an event monthly

Family Days have a more laid back approach than usual – Mum, Dad and the Kids can come out for fun track time and tutoring in a no pressure atmosphere. This doesn’t mean full-on races aren’t run too for those that want to check out their competition!

Race Days are full on competition for Pre 1990 machines and give all riders a chance at racing their peers. Classes are generally based on the bike Era or Capacity


(027) 453 5847


Brad Richards
[email protected]

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