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A Charitable, Non-Profit Organization Open to All – Sessions at

  • Nelson City – Taoist Tai Chi Society of New Zealand – 55 Muritai Street, Nelson 7011

Please check website link for session times

Taoism has developed over thousands of years as a path of ultimate transformation to achieve harmony with the Tao.  Our founder, Master Moy Lin Shin, distilled the essence of this tradition into a practical method of Taoist training for achieving the internal alchemical transformation described in Taoist scriptures.

Taoism teaches us many ways to cultivate ourselves and to help others.  Quietly practicing the Taoist Tai Chiarts together is a form of reverential meditation that can lead to profound transformation and harmony with the Tao.  We help people access this transformation through our practices including Taoist retreats, classes in Taoist Tai Chiarts instructed for no personal gain, Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian chanting and ceremonies, meetings and education, and volunteering in many ways, including such simple activities as making tea or sweeping the floor.  With the right guidance, instruction and intention, Taoism emphasizes that all of these activities are part of the Taoist path. In the end, everything we do is intended to help people along this path, making our way of instructing and guiding practitioners distinct from approaches that simply aim to develop physical health or provide a form of recreation.  This unique way of practice brings the teachings of Taoism into our daily lives.  The quietness and stillness we experience when we practice the movements together in our Taoist Tai Chipractice is profound.


Nelson City Taoist Tai Chi Society of New Zealand
55 Muritai Street

Postal Address:
PO Box 13 672


(03) 545 8375 (Please Leave Message)

Open Hours

Please phone or email or check the website for current session times

Taoist Tai Chi Society of NZ Muritai Street

Taoist Tai Chi Society of NZ Muritai Street, Tāhunanui, Nelson, New Zealand

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