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Landowners protecting and enhancing Takaka Hill biodiversity by creating healthy ecosystems for native species.

The Takaka Hill Biodiversity Group Trust (THBGT) understand that our unique lands form a corridor between Kahurangi and Abel Tasman National Parks.  Intensive predator control by Friends of Flora in the Flora stream area of Kahurangi has resulted in flourishing populations of endangered species such as kaka, kea and whio and has enabled roroa to be re-established.  Similarly, predator control by Project Janszoon in the Abel Tasman has enabled birds such as pateke to be re-introduced.

Without an equal response from Takaka Hill landowners, this privately owned corridor risks becoming an ark for re-invasion, threatening these unique birds and other native species benefiting as they spread out from the National Parks.

The THBGT wants to lead the way as a landowner led community group that adheres to good governance, financial management and transparency.  We believe that landowners through their shared knowledge can make a significant difference through their collective action to protect the unique native biodiversity of Takaka Hill.

The THBGT are driven by a single goal; to do our part in protecting New Zealand’s native species for our children, our grandchildren and future generations.  Our decision-making process is informed by evidence-based information, best practice project management, operations planning, monitoring and data evaluation.  We strive to build collaborative relationships and make a positive impact from all of our actions.  The Trust has recently signed a Community Agreement with DOC Motueka to look after Hawkes Lookout and  carry out Biodiversity work on other Takaka Hill Public Conservation Land.

The THBGT is committed to increasing native biodiversity on Takaka Hill.  The work we do is aimed at providing a cooperative approach to solving New Zealand’s biodiversity challenges:

  • Create healthy native habitats
  • Remove predators and pest species
  • Increase the density and abundance of native forest birdlife
  • Increase the density and abundance of native species found only on Takaka Hill



Takaka Hill Highway


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Takaka Hill Highway

Takaka Hill Highway, Takaka Hill, New Zealand

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