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Subud New Zealand is a registered charitable organisation and a member of the World Subud Association (WSA).

The essence of Subud is the personal experience of the Latihan Kedjiwaan (Indonesian words for training of the soul) – a direct contact with the power and guidance of God.  The experience of the latihan is different for everyone, and people receive what they need at the time.

Subud is open to people of all religious affiliation as well as those with none.  Subud members come from different cultures, nationalities and walks of life, and there is no particular Subud dogma or teaching that members are required to accept.

There have been isolated Subud members in Nelson for many years but, with a recent increase in the membership, Nelson became a formal group several years ago, with approximately a dozen practicing members.

Location – NMIT, S Block rooms on Nile Street. Nelson

Latihan times – (Available in members area when ready. In the meantime please use the contact details below to get up-to-date information)

Contact – [email protected]


S Block Rooms
Nile Street

NMIT Hardy Street

NMIT Hardy Street, Nelson, New Zealand

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