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The Nelson Vintage Engine & Machinery Club has a large collection of small engines, wheeled and crawler tractors, agriculture and haymaking equipment, and other items used in farming and industry.

The club own a number of the tractors, some are on loan, others are owned by club members who keep them on site for showing.  Some of the more unusual items on show include a giant single furrow plough used for ploughing scrub under, one of the first post drivers made, and an old stationary hay baler which is still used on show days.

Also attached to the Nelson Vintage Engine and Machinery Club are:

Small Engine Shed – This museum contains a comprehensive display of stationary motors dating from the early 1900s.  These motors were used for powering a wide range of machinery before electricity was available.  The oldest motor on display is a 1908 IHC Victor.  Also in the display are generating plants which were widely used in rural areas before electricity was taken out into the country.

Rural Life Museum – The Rural Life Museum displays early household appliances, cooking utensils and items used in food preparation, also sewing machines, washing machines and other items used in the home.  Also on display are hand tools used for all types of work.  A manual telephone exchange and a small blacksmith shop are also in this building.


Higgins Park
222 Pigeon Valley Road

Postal Address:
C/- 42 Appaloosa Avenue


(027) 319 7427


Allan Palmer
Park Manager
[email protected]

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Higgins Park

Higgins Park, Pigeon Valley Road, New Zealand

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