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Do you want to meet new people, travel to new places, be part of a vibrant disciplined sport, experience new opportunities and challenges, embark on a new, exciting and rewarding career?

Become a marching judge – All you need is a love of the sport, good communications skills, the ability to focus.

You will be provided with equipment by the local association who appoint a Chief Judge to give you specialised training and then monitor your progress and performance giving you advice, support and encouragement.

You will receive invitations to attend workshops and seminars to improve your skills and knowledge. Marching New Zealand provides training for all Judges and are trained for the section they are adjudicating with qualifying levels at Trainee, Local, Regional, National and International.

Judging is based on an awarding system and judges adjudicate in an objective and unbiased manner and in compliance with the criteria stipulated in the Technical Manual.

If you are interested in becoming a marching judge be sure to contact us


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20 Whites Road


(03) 544 7142

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(027) 248 6357


Sue Cornelius
[email protected]
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