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Judo is a relatively young martial art.  It was developed by Professor Jigoro Kano, a Japanese educator, initially as a system of moral and physical development.

The first Judo “club” (the Kodokan) was established by Professor Kano in 1882 – much more recently than the first rugby club in New Zealand (Nelson, 1868).

Judo is practiced in a Judo Club. It involves the study and application of a wide range of techniques executed from both the standing position, and also grappling on the ground.  Striking of any nature is forbidden (no kicking or punching!)


20A Gladstone Road
Upstairs - External Entry


(027) 542 2254


John Maxwell
[email protected]

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Open Hours

Tuesday and Thursday:
6pm to 7pm - Juniors
7pm to 9pm - Seniors

20A Gladstone Road

20A Gladstone Road, Richmond, New Zealand

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