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The Gillian Francis Nelson Academy of Dance provides recreational dance classes for pupils aged three and a half years and over specializing in classical ballet.

Come and learn to dance!  Learn musicality, flexibility, strength, posture and the art of dance.  Each grade varies between one and three classes a week with extra lessons available.

Principal Gillian Francis tutors the classical ballet with Aleisha Johnson and student teacher Izzy Harding.

All students sit yearly examinations, and participate in our productions at The Theatre Royal.

You are most welcome to come and try a lesson for free.


The Masonic Temple
137 Collingwood Street

Postal Address:
62 Point Road


(03) 547 6743

Other Phone

(021) 264 3402


Gillian Francis
[email protected]

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Open Hours

Monday - 3.45pm to 8pm
Tuesday - 3.45pm to 7.30pm
Wednesday - 3.45pm to 8pm
Thursday - 3.45pm to 7.30pm
Friday - 4pm to 6pm
Saturday - 9am to 2pm
Sunday - Closed

Masonic Temple Collingwood Street

Masonic Temple Collingwood Street, Nelson, New Zealand

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