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Mountain Valley Community Trust.  The trustees are desirous of encouraging the establishment and conduct of a community based educational facility which reflects a cooperative, harmonious, productive, efficient, low maintenance and aesthetic integration of plants, animals, people and structures.  This includes community school operation, workshops, training opportunities, research, educational and environmental exhibitions, organic gardening/farming, animal husbandry, appropriate technologies, recycling, soil and water management, energy efficient dwellings, economics and community development, poverty relief, and employment opportunities, but is not limited to these things.

We :

  • Encourage and provide educational opportunities.
  • Promote and practice cooperative, non-sexist, non-racist methods and environmentally sustainable practices in our education, work and play.
  • Carry out services which are beneficial to the community.
  • Establish permanent exhibits and live displays and community based educational facilities for courses, workshops, conferences, training programs and educational tours.
  • Contribute to improvement of quality of life and better health in New Zealand.
  • Nurture enhance and protect and area of land owned by the Trust in particular any areas of native bush.
  • Promote cooperative use of land in accordance with the other objectives of the Trust.
  • Provide and maintain facilities and resources which support these methods and practices.


RD 1


Monique Patterson
[email protected]


Pokororo,RD 1, Motueka, New Zealand

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