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After seeing a real need for clothing for children uplifted from their homes and placed into care with nothing, we had the idea for Helping Families.

Helping Families is a way to support local families with some of the essentials required to raise children, so they can thrive and reach their full potential.  However it’s not just children who need assistance, so we aim to help anyone who needs it.  We believe no family should struggle alone.

In the Nelson/Tasman region we’re fortunate to have a community that is willing to help others in need.  We tap into that community spirit by accepting donations of clothing, bedding, toys, books and other household goods, which we can then distribute to those who need it.

We also receive donations of money to fund essential costs and undertake specific projects.

We work directly with people in need, as well as community organisations and other charities.

We facilitate donations from the community and the distribution of donated items to anyone who needs it.

Donate Goods or Volunteer

We invite donations of clothing, bedding, toys, books, car seats and other household goods.  We only ask they be in good condition, do not need repair, and meet all current safety regulations.  The latter requirement is especially relevant to car seats.  We operate as much as possible on the goodwill and efforts of volunteers.

CLOTHES AND SHOES – We gladly take your unwanted shoes and clothing, but we do ask they are clean and do not need repairing.  We accept all sizes and types.

TOYS AND BOOKS – Every child delights in having a toy ! Books help their development.  They must be in good condition and meet safety requirements.

CAR SEATS – If your child has outgrown their car seat then we can use it.  However it must have a current certification.

BEDDING AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS – Beds, bed linen, kitchenware or furniture can make such a difference to a family.  However they must not need repair and be safe for use.

FIREWOOD – Clean, dry firewood helps a family stay warm in winter meaning they live in a healthier environment.

VOLUNTEER – If you can spare some time and would like to help us, then we’d love to hear from you!

Donate Money

We cannot fully function without money to cover essential operating expenses.  We therefore ask you to consider donating to us either as a one-off contribution or as a regular contributor.  If you are interested in donating money, or just wanting to find out more, then please contact us.

We have some unavoidable financial costs, such as insurance and mandatory administration so your contribution is very welcome.  It also funds specific projects such as the distribution of new clothing or food packs.  Perhaps you might consider a regular contribution?

We are so grateful to the people who make it possible for us to help families in need.  Please contact us if you can give or volunteer.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP – Does your business give grants to community organisations?  Then please consider supporting us.  Speak to us to see how we can publicise your grant.





(027) 558 1183


Richmond, New Zealand

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