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To offer support and information to individuals, parents & whanau and the community affected by Fragile X syndrome and Fragile X-associated Disorders.  To raise awareness of Fragile X and the benefits of diagnosis.

Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) is a genetic condition that causes learning/intellectual disability, anxiety, behavioural and learning challenges, delayed development, speech and communication challenges, sensory sensitivities and autistic like behaviours.  Strengths include strong imitation skills, good memory and great sense of humour.  While there is currently no cure for FXS, targeted interventions, supports and environmental accommodations can make a big difference to positive life outcomes for people affected by FXS.

Please email or phone us if you require specific information or would just like someone to talk to.  Fragile X New Zealand’s national office is in Nelson and the email and toll-free phone service is answered by Executive Director Andrea Lee 9am to 6pm weekdays and monitored after hours.


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PO Box 1322


(0508) 938 0552 Tollfree

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(021) 044 6299

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Weekdays - 9am to 6pm
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