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The Dyspraxia Support Nelson Group meets 1-2 monthly.  This is usually at a cafe during the day or some evenings.  The meetings are reasonably informal with the occasional guest speaker.  Support contact people are available.

What is Developmental Dyspraxia?
A neurologically based disorder of praxis or the processes involved in the planning of new or purposeful movement.  This may affect and impair any or all areas of development.  It is inconsistant and may affect each person in different ways at different stages of development.  There may be no obvious cause.  It is a hidden handicap as under normal circumstances children with Dyspraxia may appear no different from their peers.  Diagnosis can only be made by an appropriate professional.

Children with Developmental Dyspraxia may have difficulties with any of the following:

  • planning and organisation of movements and thought
  • sequencing of movements words and thought
  • processing information and perception
  • generating ideas
  • problem solving
  • motor execution
  • forming concepts

Other possible areas of difficulty may include:

  • Movement
  • Education and Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Speech and Language
  • Self-care
  • Sensory


(03) 540 3342 Karen Hunt

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(03) 540 3274 Maggie Williams


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