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Drawing on traditional wisdom and teachings that have endured across millennia, Chinmaya Mission offers Vedanta classes, study groups, public talks & seminars, workshops, retreats, camps and meditation classes for individuals who are keen to broaden their vision and develop to their full potential of creativity and happiness.

The entire scheme of Vedanta is to make man progressively happier and more contented in his day to day life.

The philosophy taught by the Chinmaya Mission does not request individuals to radically change their circumstances or lifestyle. But it does help them see the world in a different light. Imagine if you looked at a vast, magnificent painting through a pinhole… How little of the beauty and wonder you would see!

By pursuing systematic enquiry into the habits of the mind and by sincere practice of enquiry & meditation, our activities provide a practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling individuals to become positive members of society.

​The Chinmaya Mission provides opportunities for all age groups – from children to seniors – to learn more about how to live a fulfilling & happy life every day.


6 Valley Heights Road


(03) 548 7511

Open Hours

Classes throughout the week
Please phone for details


Disabled parking, Parking, Wheelchair access------

6 Valley Heights Road

6 Valley Heights Road, Stepneyville, Nelson, New Zealand

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