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Students are actively encouraged to participate in leading and contribute their best efforts to maximise their achievements.  Broadgreen offers a wide variety of learning opportunities that will challenge, motivate and develop abilities.

Developing learners who are self-confident, connected, involved and resilient are key learning goals in our school.  Thinking students that take personal pride, are prepared to experiment and experience new opportunities while building positive relationships are valued.

Our teaching programmes and resources are designed for emerging adolescents at the Year 7 and 8 level.  We encourage your child to involve themselves in the opportunities available at Broadgreen to grow their learning.


193 Nayland Road
STOKE 7011


(03) 547 7131

Other Phone

(03) 547 2959 Fax

Broadgreen Intermediate Nayland Road

Broadgreen Intermediate Nayland Road, Stoke, Nayland, New Zealand

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