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Taoism New Zealand

Taoism New Zealand is a non profit organisation focused on the development of Taoist philosophy within New Zealand.


Taoism New Zealand’s primary focus is to disseminate the benefits and understanding of Taoism within New Zealand.

We all travel on a different path through life and here you get to choose options that best suit you at this point in your life. Whether it be attending weekly Meditations, regular Teachings, participating in Workshops, maintaining the body with Tao Yin exercises or enjoying one to one mentoring sessions, you can start your journey into Taoism in a way that feels right.

Taoism is 2500yrs old, during this time many scriptures and texts have been written about Taoism, with the most famous being the “Tao Te Ching”.

Taoist’s utilise these teachings on a daily basis to improve many areas of life, including relationships, work, finance, sports, health and are useful in dealing with emotions like anxiety and depression.

Studying Taoism is a personal journey undertaken at your own pace, benefits come quickly but to fully understand Taoist philosophy may take a lifetime.




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(0204) 826 476

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Contact Person

Jon (Co-Ordinator)

Opening Hours

6pm to 7pm - Tao Yin (exercise)
7pm to 8pm - Meditation (Guided)
8pm to 9pm - Taoist Teachings

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Many thanks to our generous supporters

  • Tasman District Council
  • Volunteer Nelson
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